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Due to the great ecological impact that nature presents it is important to be aware of the great importance that this has for each and every living being so as to be able to value the great services that the ecosystem provide.Thanks to the combined effort of veterinarians, biologists and specialized trainers, a new concept with a didactic approach has been created which gives the students the opportunity to learn about species that they otherwise wouldn't be able to access and to also gain an experience that they will treasure for a lifetime.


Raise awareness among students of different educational levels with regard to major issues and consequences caused by environmental deterioration, and assessing each component of our ecosystem and be able to impress upon them the importance that we as part of the ecosystem have and learn to live together with other components of said ecosystem.


The discussion with live animals to schools offers students the opportunity to meet and live closely with different types of birds (birds of prey and exotic birds) and some reptiles from different continents, the same as through an interactive discussion, educational and entertaining, are presented in a safe manner, so that students have the opportunity to learn about: the characteristics, longevity, nutrition, adaptation, geographic distribution, ecosystems and habitats of various specimens, as well as its importance in the ecological balance; to foster a sense of respect and affection for nature.Before starting the explanation of the animals we very briefly mentioned the great ecological impact that the world has been through, damaging every one of the ecosystems in our country, which has led us to seek new ways to encourage in all of us, but particularly in children and teenagers, a sense of awareness of these issues that are already part of their growth and therefore put into practice, taking care of our planet, which is in turn taking care of all of our ecosystems.

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