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Wild Tours Announces High Season Special ATV + Jetboat Combo Cozumel Promotion!

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Wild Tours Now Offers a Special High Season Promotion with Their Thriller Jetboat Adventure

Wild Tours is now offering a special Cozumel promotion to bring in the high season including the combination of the ATV & Beach Adventure with their Thriller Jetboard Adventure. The creation of this Cozumel promotion primarily aims to offer people with complete enjoyment in their adventure packages. This will surely be a very exciting promotion for everyone, especially the ones looking to experience a new level of adventure enjoyment. So, everyone who is interested about experiencing the thrill should make sure to check out this special promo in no time.Cozumel Adventure tour Combos

Everyone visiting Cozumel wants to experience as much as they can especially since if they are coming off a cruise ship they have a very limited time to see much of Cozumel which is why Wild Tours offers a new form of adventure to help them out. Achieving this by just getting out of their yard is almost not possible. In this case, what they need is something that will show them different scenes and combo tours, giving them the best experiences possible. Good thing, Wild Tours knows just what these people need. With their tour and adventure packages, everyone now gets the chance to experience a new scope of Cozumel adventurous activities, included in their collection.

Wild Tours is a trusted company offering real Cozumel Adventure Tours to vacationers in the form of jetboats and ATVs. Now, with the high season that is fast approaching, they are introducing their huge promotion in the form of ATV & Beach Adventure with Thriller Jetboard Combo, which also comes with 2×1 in drinks for 45 min. at Playa Uvas Beach Club. The promo will be available on the website soon, so everyone should watch out.

Wild Tours staff are glad to be working on this seasons special packages, as they look forward to the approaching months and want to make the most of the all the high-season but especially want to provide guests with the best Tours and Things to do in Cozumel. That is the why they have decided to provide everyone with their special package combo. This special combo is ATV & Beach Adventure + Thriller Jetboat Combo, which includes double rider ATV ($170us) and double rider ATV w/child 6-12yrs ($130us). This is a huge special and Wild Tours hopes that everyone will take advantage of this special package during the high season.

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