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When in Cozumel keep in mind – Cozumel Travel Tips

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When in Cozumel

If you are reading this now its obvious that you probably already know how awesome Cozumel is or you are interested in visiting and learning a little bit more about the island.  As the number one cruise ship destination in the Western Caribbean and with the vast amount of Fun Things to do in Cozumel and activities for the whole family from things like the new Adventurous Cozumel by Xrail Buggy offered through Wild Tours, or the diving or any number of activities there are always nice little tips that new visitors to the island would definitely find useful.  So since I enjoy giving out tips for visitors to the island  I thought I would continue to do so and will touch base on a few different things you need to know when visiting the island.


As you already know Cozumel is an island and due to such the distances are not too far however there are some things that are a lot further than you would expect on an island and so the need to be transported is necessary.  Whats available for transportation?  Well obviously the first thought is probably car rental or getting a taxi which are both viable options, however there are many other options here in beautiful Cozumel.  So here are some tips about the different kind of transportation:

  • Mopeds/scooters  Mopeds are cheap, easy on gas and fun to use to get around especially on the island especially on a nice sunny day(they kinda suck in a torrential downpour as that´s just no fun).  Who should drive them?  This is a question I wish more people would ask themselves before seeing them and saying oh that looks fun!  Why??? Because you are in a different place where the traffic laws are only a little different everyone does drive on the same side of the road as in the US but that’s not the issue.  The issue is people who have no experience riding a scooter and are unfamiliar with the streets in Cozumel.  The main street right through downtown can be very slippery since it´s not asphalt.  I have picked plenty of people up off the ground after they have crashed.  Don´t try to drive like the locals either or you probably will get hurt.  If you decide to rent a scooter please just pay attention and don´t go flying everywhere or you might get hurt or hurt someone else
  • Taxis- Taxis are readily available pretty much anywhere you go on the island except for away from the tourist areas jajaja.  The taxi syndicate runs the island and is considered by myself and many others the mafia of Cozumel.   Not really but sort of if that makes any sense.  Anyhow most taxistas will give you the honest price but if you have your doubts there are numerous locations where 923603-Cozumel_Taxi_Fares-San_Miguel_de_Cozumelthe set rates are listed for passengers and they have 3 prices that are 1-4passengers the cheapest price, 5 passengers a little more and 6-8 passengers is the highest price so if you have like 10 people don´t ask for a discount because the rates are set.  You can hire taxis to drive you around for the day but those prices are whatever you agree to with the chauffeur.

There are lots of other ways to get a around but I am not going to get into those as these are the two means of transportation with which I see more issues and which is why I chose to give some tips about them.  Obviously if you are renting a harley you probably have ridden them before and know what you are doing.  There is so much to do and see here in Cozumel that its good to know how to get around and there have been plenty of horror stories about renting a car or this that and the other but try and stick with reputable companies, DO YOUR RESEARCH, and you should be able to avoid any problems.  Keep in mind that the locals are very glad that you are visting the island and they want you to have a great experience and come back and recommend it to your friends and family so just realize they want to help and the majority myself included would be more than willing to stop and help any way possible.  So that concludes this portion of my Cozumel Travel tips so stay safe and happy travels!

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