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Travelling to Cozumel Got a little Easier – Cozumel Travel Tips

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New Cozumel Ferry Making life easier for everyone!

Here is some Cozumel News. For those of you travelling to Cozumel, it just got a little easier thanks to the efforts of many here in Cozumel as just over a month ago the brand new and now third Cozumel ferry companyTravelling to Cozumel celebrated its Naviera Inaguration.  This was a welcome surprise as it had been rumored for a very long time that Barcos Caribe had supposedly lost momentum in the long fight to make their services available on the island.  For the longest time the two opposing ferry companies – Ultramar and Mexico Waterjets – held a duopoly for all the ferry services on the island and strongly fought against a new third company emerging in the area.

The fight was long and hard and now everyone except, (Ultramar and Mexico Waterjets) are pleased to have a new option and a cheaper option for travelling to and from Cozumel via ferry.  Barcos Caribe is making plenty of commotion as they offer locals a lower price than the current ferry companies.  Barcos Caribe offers locals each ticket to Playa del Carmen or to Cozumel at about $4.60us as opposed to Ultramar and Mexico Waterjets who offer locals a price of about a dollar more. (At the bottom of the post is a price list for Barcos Caribe).

Tourists will now pay about $2us less than paying with Mexico Waterjets and Ultramar and locals will pay almost a dollar less.  This might not seem like much at a glance but believe me when you are a local and want to travel to Playa del Carmen or vice versa and have to travel with wife and kids it adds up quick and can easily reach close to $40us just to go over for the day.  This an even bigger pocket saver for those that travel to and from Playa Del Carmen on a daily basis or multiple times a week.

Barcos Caribe I and II

Barcos Caribe CozumelBarcos Caribe currently has 2 ferries Caribe I and Caribe II and the employees are certainly going the extra mile to try and compete as they are definitely making customers feel right at home with top notch service.  Let’s no forget that it’s hard to not like the new boats as they are brand new!  For those of you who have been to the island in a while and are trying to save a little while on your Cozumel Vacation this will be a welcomed surprise.  Tip just make sure to schedule things so that you are planning on going at a time when Barcos Caribe is crossing.  One of the only downsides working against Barcos Caribe is that there are limited departures as they cannot cross at the same time as the other ferries who take turns normally.  The hours that the other ferries are not operating is when Barcos Caribe is crossing so make sure to figure that out early so that you aren’t stuck waiting or ending up having to pay the regular price.

So come and take advantage of the great things to do in Cozumel all the while saving a few dollars on crossing over from the mainland.  Happy travels!

Cozumel Travel Tips

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