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Ready Set Go! – Ironman Cozumel 2014

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Ready Get Set Go! – Ironman Cozumel 2014

If you have visited Cozumel in Mid-November or the end of November you might have noticed or might have even attended what has been an annual event in Cozumel for over 5yrs now. That event is Ironman Cozumel! The world famous Triathlon began taking place in Cozumel back in Oct of 2008 and has kept a steady pace and seemingly become a favorite place for athletes to come and participate in the great test of strength and endurance.Ironman Cozumel

While most people are accustomed to automatically picturing long sandy beaches and remarkable diving in Cozumel, thanks to the success of the Ironman Cozumel competition every year those are not the only things that pop in when thinking about Cozumel anymore. With close to 2,000 participants in the Ironman Cozumel every year the locals have also adapted and become very pleased to host the event as well.

The course consists of two-transitions beginning with a 2.4 mile swim in the beautiful and yes famous crystal blue waters of the Caribbean all within the protected waters of Chankanaab National Marine Park. This is followed by a 112mile (three lap) bike race that takes competitors along the scenic coastline of Cozumel and also rigIronman Cozumelht through town. Cozumel is ideal for this considering the route is flat all the way around the island. Last but definitely not the least challenging is the 26.2mile (three lap) run which takes competitors right through town were locals and tourists alike will be cheering athletes on as they make their way toward the finish line and glory!

Festivities abound during the entire day as local restaurants are teeming with locals and visitors alike. There are bands playing around town and the entire day is just very lively and full of fun for all who are out and about seeking for the enjoyment.

Now if you are staying away from town you will have to get up very early as streets will be closed off and traffic will be a little crazy. I think the town square of the municipal park are probably two of the spots where there will be more action but if you just want to watch the race only then pretty much anywhere is fine as its definitely an ALL DAY event. I suggest parking a ways off and just walking a few blocks if you don´t want to get up very very early. Anyway there is plenty of fun Cozumel Activities and things to do and hope you are all ready for an exciting day tomorrow so good luck to all participating in the competition and all that intend to watch enjoy!

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