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Kids Visit to Wild Tours Animal Encounter

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Thanks to the companies that are always looking to contribute in social assistance in an efficient way, 18 child participants of the summer course, “Special Stars,” visited the Wild Tours Animal encounter park where they got to know some distinct and endemic species to the Island of Cozumel.

According to Roos Torres Chiapa, the sub director of the Integral Rehabilitation Center of Cozumel (IRCC), and responsible for the outdoor activities for the summer course, “Special Stars,” mentioned that these activities are of great importance to the children due to the fact that they can learn and develop their senses based on common experiences in which the results are greater when animals are involved.

On this occasion this trip was being overseen by Javier Najera and Francisco Adame, members of the team for the “Wild Tours Animal Encounter,” of whom helped teach the kids and teachers the distinct species in danger of extinction that are found within the park such as a chameleon, snakes of different species, guacamayas, owls and a real Eagle. Of these the children were all able to observe and interact with up close and personal.

I must mention that the participants in the summer course, “Special Stars,” are children with special needs and handicaps such as; hearing problems, intellectual, coordination, motor skills, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Hyperactivity of which these activites help to bring the children out of their comfort zone and help them to better develop their intellectual and cognitive capacity.

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