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Hurricane Season – Cozumel Travel Tips

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Summer time is here!  Yay!  This means planning a vacation to Cozumel could be at the top of your to do list!  Well as we understand that there are some many things to consider when planning your vacation to Cozumel; Flight details, where the best place to stay in Cozumel, what the best Cozumel Tours are, where to eat in Cozumel etc,.  At times some get caught up in the emotion of planning and amazing Cozumel Vacation with the family and in getting caught up some forget to take into account some other things, like the weather.  Cozumel is paradise pretty much everyone knows that and even more so if you’ve already been here, but weather does matter when planning your vacation to Cozumel so here are some great Cozumel travel tips just for you!

How long is the Hurrican Season in Cozumel?

A very valid question as Cozumel is smack dab in the Caribbean so there is always the possibility of running into some nasty weather and yes even a Hurricane so we will talk a little bit about travelling toCozumel Activities Cozumel during the hurricane season.

Hurrican season in the Caribbean officially begins on June 1st and runs throught the end of November making for about six months of potentially severe weather.  Now this is in fact the low season in Cozumel however that doesn’t mean that the island turns into a ghost town and no tourists don’t stop frequenting the island.  It’s really only low season due to the fact that most cruise lines changes their routes during this time and take advantage of weather warming up in places like Alaska and so on.  That said Cozumel is still receiving plenty happy tourists.  When you are planning your vacation to Cozumel just be sure and keep in mind that it is more likely to rain during your visit to Cozumel but don’t let that stop you from enjoying one or a number of great Cozumel tours.  Expect more cloudy days than normal and some will be rainy and some will not so just make sure that you have some alternate rainy day backup plans for your Cozumel vacations.

When was the last Hurricane in Cozumel?

Well this is a good question and merits a good answer so I will try and give you the details on this questions.  The last major Hurricane to hit Cozumel was 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit hard.  Wilma was the biggest hurricane on record in Cozumel.  Hurricane Wilma was a huge category 5 hurricane which hit the island hard for 3 days.  There have been Hurricanes in the area since then but Cozumel has been lucky enough that they have been downgraded to low level or missed the island at the last minute all-together.

When in Cozumel during Hurricane season

Now with that information you can see that there is a possibility that a storm could form but it’s also not something that is guaranteed either however it’s good to be informed.  When you are planning your vacation to Cozumel make sure and check weather forecast as they may not be 100% accurate but they are still pretty accurate and can help you prepare in the best way.  This includes checking for shelters and knowing where they are just in case.Cozumel Activities  Make sure that you keep emergency contact info with you so that you have it just in case.

Now the majority of the more severe storms and hurricanes form and take place from August-November so if your cozumel vacation is falls in those months it is even more important to check on the forecast.  If you need to see what is ciruclating in the area you can check here on the NHC website.  Now good news 2015 Hurricane season should be pretty quiet as there are far fewer storms projected than in recent years.  The forecasr projects the possibility of 3 hurricanes and 7 named storms so this season the weather shouldn¿t be too bad.  Anyway stay safe during your Vacation to Cozumel and stay informed and make sure to subscribe to our blog for more great Cozumel Travel Tips!


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