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Great Tour Ideas for Spring Break in Cozumel

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Great Tour Ideas for Spring Break in Cozumel

We know that you are as excited about Spring Break in Cozumel as we are here at Wild Tours.  March is madness here on the island as its the busiest month of the year and we know that due to the long list of great Things to do in Cozumel we want to help you plan for your valuable vacation time.  After years of experience we have narrowed down some of the best ideas for Cozumel Tours for Spring Breakers visiting the island.  So we won’t make you wait any longer spring breakers here is our list of great Spring Break in Cozumel Activities just for you!

  1. ATV + Thriller Jetboat Combo – the ATV + Thriller Jetboat combo owned and operated by us here at Wild Tours is a great option for Spring Breakers looking for a combination of adrenaline, fun, mud and the beautiful Caribbean blue waters.  This tour combines our two of our very popular tours all the while providing a huge discount and is possibly one of Wild Tours best deals ever.  Not convinced this is what you want to do in Cozumel on spring break yet well for all you party animals this combo also provides guests a 45min 2×1 drink special provided courtesy of Playa Uvas beach club.  Definitely something everyone wants during spring break to have a little fun at the beach and the bar.
  2. Fury Catamaran Snorkel & Beach Party –  This tour operated by Fury Catamarans ofSpring Break in Cozumel Cozumel provides a little sailing and snorkeling on their 64ft catamarans and lots of partying so its definitely an ideal Cozumel Excursion for Spring Breakers.  This tour sets off from the cruise terminal to their own private beach with waters toys such as floating trampolines and so forth.  They include and guess what open bar which is definitely a keyword for a lot of spring breakers so make sure and keep that in mind!
  3.  Classic Beach Break Packages – With all of the great Things to do in Cozumel and the many great beaches this one was a little difficult to narrow down but don’t worry we’ll try mention of couple of great Cozumel Beach Break Packages that could fit your gustos.  Playa Uvas A3 All Inclusive VIP package is definitely a big fun day at the beach and includes enough to definitely make you feel like a VIP.  It includes gourmet lunch, a nice long OPEN BAR,  Guided snorkeling tours from the beach which is great for Snorkeling from the beach and 30 min relaxing massage this is a great fix for a fun day at the beach.  The Money Bar is jsut down the rode and also a very popular little place and has similar packages to Playa Uvas beach club.  Playa Mia is a big draw and definitely fun if you are looking for something a little more commercialized as it even has its own water park!

Well with all these great options we want to keep it short so that is why were are only mentioning a few and we will pick a few more later on this month and let you know so that you can make your reservations ahead of time and enjoy your Spring Break in Cozumel. Remember to have fun and stay safe!

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