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Getting to Cozumel – Cozumel Travel Tips

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Well you finally did it, you were able to get all you plans into motion and you are Planning your Cozumel Vacation!  So found a great all- inclusive Cozumel Hotel and have planned out a few different Cozumel Activities for your week-long Cozumel Vacation and now it’s time to get your plane tickets and finalize everything for the best Cozumel Vacation you ever!  Welll there are a few things to take into consideration when finalizing your plans and how you will get to Cozumel.

To Fly directly to Cozumel or not?

Planning out your week in Cozumel is in fact only half the battle which is why deciding on the best way to get to the island is just as important in the planning process.  Remember there are a few ways to get to Cozumel.  Most people don’t realize that Cozumel has it’s very own international Airport!  Yes you can fly directly into Cozumel so now that you know this lets take a look at some of the pros to flying directly into Cozumel.

  • Time – if you are really eager to get to your hotel and get your Cozumel Vacation started then this might be a huge factor when deciding whether or not to fly directly to Cozumel.  This cuts out about 2-3hrs of extra travel time vs coming in from Cancun.
  • Arrival times and jet lag – One great thing is that there are now crazy hour flights arriving to Cozumel so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a flight that gets in at 1am in the morning or any other crazy times.  The reason for this is that its a small airport and so flights arrive during the day only.  So unless you enjoy arriving burnt out from trying to sleep on the plane now you can arrive with more energy for your vacation.
  • Convenience – Arriving directly to the island can be very convenient as it just takes a load off your shoulders as airports are not very fun and get old very quickly.  The great thing about the Cozumel airport is also the departure to go back home.  You may not want to leave but at least leaving without much hastle makes it a little better, right?  You only need to be to the Cozumel airport usually about an hour before your flight leaves as opposed to 2hrs or more ahead of time waiting and going through security at the airport.

Now some of the cons

There are some reasons to consider other means of getting to Cozumel.  One of the other very very popular ways of getting to the area is flying in to Cancun first.  Obviously flying to Cancun first to get to Cozumel requires some additional steps.  Here are a few of the cons to flying directly into Cozumel.

  • Money – Flying into Cozumel can cost you anywhere from $100-$200us more than when you opt to fly into Cancun.  Obviously if you fly to Cancun first that means taking a bus for about an hour and a half to Playa Del Carmen and then embarking on one of the Ferries to Cozumel for about another 35mins.  This does give you a chance to see some of the other parts of the area and the mainland.
  • Sights – When you arrive to Cozumel you don’t get a chance to check out any of the sites in the area or just to look around its pretty basic get off the plane and get to your hotel.  Now if you come in through Cancun you get more time to look around and see a bit more of the mainland, shop before you get to your hotel, get something to eat and enjoy some true Mexican cuisine, etc.

Well there you have a few reasons why its good to fly directly to Cozumel and a couple reasons that you might want to consider flying into Cancun then coming across on the ferry.  Either way you get yourself you awesome Cozumel vacation planned!  Believe me you have earned it! So subscribe for more great Cozumel Travel Tips!



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