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Get ready for Spring Break 2015 – Cozumel Travel Tips

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Ready For Spring Break in Cozumel? – Cozumel Travel Tips

Here at Wild Tours everyone is getting ready to say goodbye to February which proved to be a somewhat tiring month as all of us locals lost some much desired sleep what with Cozumel changing time zones PERMANENTLY,(if you didn’t get a chance here’s a link to that article Cozumel Time Change) Carnaval in Cozumel was as big or bigger than it was last year so we definitely had an interesting month down here on the island.  Anyway with that about to come to end it just means rigorous preparation for another March which is definitely the busiest month of the year.

Why is March such a crazy month you might ask?(Really you need to ask??) March means SPRING BREAK IN COZUMEL!  Yes that’s right it’s time to get all set and ready for the rush of a huge jump in visitsCozumel Travel Tips by College students and families taking advantage of the spring vacation opportunities.  While most people hearing Spring Break almost automatically think of Cancun which is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for Spring Breakers looking to get their party on; however Cozumel isn’t that far behind with an nonstop flow of cruise ships and packed hotels everyone is looking to enjoy a spring break like it was meant to be enjoyed.

Due to all of this it definitely makes March a great month to visit Cozumel for spring vacation due to the opportunities to meet tons of new people as well as taking advantage of the great deals that abound as any business in Cozumel is looking to capitalize on the ever increasing number of Cozumel Cruise ship Passengers that will pass through their doors during spring break in Cozumel.  Cozumel Tour operators will be working to provide you with deals and discounts so keep an eye out and if you need to just around and you are likely to find some great deals.

While Spring Break in Cozumel is exciting and fun it is important to keep in mind that it does NOT get quite as crazy as Cancun as there are also a Spring Break in Cozumelhuge amount Families visiting during the month who are obviously not quite as party bound as College Students visiting the island.  That’s one of the things that makes Spring Break in Cozumel a great spring vacation idea as there is something for everyone not just College Students and party goers.  Wild Tours offers great tours that are perfect for the entire family and one of the best deals we have ever had is still in full swing right through March which is our ATV + Thriller Jetboat Combo!  This will give you a great adventure as this tour combines 2 of our most popular tours the ATV Jungle and Thriller Jetboat tours.  That’s not the only reason this is a great  tour for Cozumel Spring Breakers though as during the visit to the beach club it also includes a 2×1 45min drink special at Playa Uvas Beach club.

Well that is just one among many great things to do in Cozumel this Spring break which is why you hopefully already made your plans for a Spring Break in Cozumel.  If not better get moving as if you wait too long it will be difficult to get on some of the great Cozumel Tours and Excursions available.  Well we hope to see you this Spring Break so feel free to give us a call or email and ask us about more great Cozumel travel tips.

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