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FCCA Conference & Trade Show in Cozumel 2015 – Cozumel News

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FCCA Conference & Trade Show in Cozumel

Cruises in Cozumel are predominantly famous and significant. The beautiful island spends plenty of money to improve the overall cruise tourism industry. This can be attributed to the inception of the Tours in Cozumelannual Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Conference and trade show. FCCA turned out to be a massive hit this year. Being an integral part of Cozumel activities, the host country and city benefited directly from the event. The scintillating event was filled with presidents, 100s of executives, influential decision makers in the industry and CEOs from 19 FCCA member lines. Ever since the first FCCA conference in 2007, Mexico has understood the benefit and significance in organizing the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Conference & Trade show.

Discreet Stats

Would you believe if someone told that Cozumel received more than two million passengers in 2006? The number increased by 21% in 2007. This is strongly related with the influential nature of FCCA. The conference increased Mexico’s tourism and sea-based trade by 21%. Likewise, the conference has increased the country’s economy drastically. As recent study declared that FCCA generated nearly 39.5 million USD in wages and 565 million USD through passengers in Mexico! This proves the impact FCCA has towards the economic welfare of cruise tourism in Mexico.

What does FCCA represent?

In general, FCCA conference & trade show brings together a huge line of professionals who are involved in cruise and Cozumel tours. It is all about the development of safety and diTours in Cozumelrection in the Latin American, Floridian and Caribbean waters. The trade show promises to create new industrial trends and better relationships. Almost all participants utilize the opportunity to learn more about tourism in Cozumel and other Mexican destinations. After all, the cruise industry in Cozumel is growing quite rapidly. It has witnessed sturdy improvements in the past few years. And, innovation can push this growth rate further.

The message delivered by FCCA 2015, was predominantly clear. It is all about maintaining standards, enhancing sea culture and introducing innovative safety methods. Additionally, the conference & trade show presents new business opportunities. It helps novice and expert Cozumel tour operators improve their revenue and lead a clear path in tourism.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, FCCA Conference and Trade Show is a successful event that proves to be very busy, rewarding, informative and interesting. However, you should remember that FCCA is restricted to professionals who offer services and supply products to the cruise industry.  So with that after this years’s FCCA Conference in Cozumel we hope to continue to see positive changes and increases related to tourism in Cozumel! So there is a little tidbit of Cozumel News!

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