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Downtown Cozumel – Shopping in Cozumel

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Maybe it’s just me and being from New Mexico but back home the Plaza downtown in Santa Fe was always a hotspot.  I have been other places and I haven’t seen this to be true everywhere as they don’t  always have a central Plaza that is historical or is a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.  New Mexico is different from other Things to do in Cozumelplaces in the US though considering that it is deeply rooted in Mexican and Native American culture.  I am sure this is the reason why I love towns that have a central Plaza that is a great place to go and experience culture, shopping and other events.  Assumming that you have been to Cozumel on Vacation you have most likely been to the Cozumel Plaza downtown.  A visit to the Cozumel Plaza downtown is definitely a must during your vacation to Cozumel so we are going to let you know what there is to do and see at the plaza downtown.  The Plaza was recently remodeled and made a bit more modern but the plaza looks great(not that there was anything wrong with it before however now there is grass and so forth).

Shopping in Cozumel

Well if you have been on vacation, well anywhere really you most likely have been asked to bring back a souvenir to one of your friends or family.   You may hate or love buying trinkets for those that didn’t get to go and enjoy a lovely Cozumel Vacation with you but either way souvenirs are a must on vacation and in Cozumel there is no exception to that rule.  The Cozumel Plaza is definitely the best place to look for souvenirs as there are a huge amount of shops and small restaurants on and very close to the town square.  While shopping in Cozumel you can find beautiful handmade crafts and art and great gifts for loved ones back home.  They have everything from t-shirts (novelty type and normal), Shot glasses, leatherworks suchs as boots, gun cases, bags etc.  Jewelry is an extremely popular buy here in Cozumel as well.  It would take me forever to make a list of all of the great things you can get while shopping in Cozumel and specifically at the Plaza but I have mentioned some.

If you come to the Cozumel Plaza at night you are in for an even better experience IMO.  The Cozumel Town square at night is a great place for dinner or even just a stroll.  There are plenty of great little restaurants that have great live music and entertainment.  Its a great place to take the entire family and unlike some places it is SAFE.  Yes I said it again Cozumel is extremely safe so don’t be hesitant to take a stroll down the melgar or around the plaza as nobody is going to bother you.

A great souvenir idea are some of the handpainted tiles, plates and refrigerator magnets that

Cozumel Activities

Local Painter at the Plaza (Town Square) in Cozumel

are sold for a great price right on the plaza.  Also make sure that you stop by and check on the artists on the plaza

as they make beautiful paintings using spray paint, fire and scraping tools.  These guys are definitely some of my favorite and I have purchased a number of paintings from them however even if you don’t buy something from them you will likely notice a bit of a crowd around them as they work on a painting and really are very fun to watch as they work.  Also I think I mentioned this in one of our very early posts but shopping at the plaza definitely beats shopping at the piers since you can haggle a little more and likely get a much better deal;)  How’s that for a Cozumel travel tip:)

Well there you have a few more Cozumel Travel Tips on the behalf of Wild Tours so come check out the great things to do in Cozumel and let us know if you need anything before, after or during your Vacation to Cozumel and we will be glad to help.  So contact us today!

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