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Cruising to Cozumel and the Caribbean

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The Western Caribbean cruise is a major draw for tourists who want to experience a unique mix of surf and sun, eco-oriented adventures and the rich history of ancient civilization. Thousands of attractions and a wide range of itinerary options, makes this region an excellent choice for first-time cruisers. The Western Caribbean comprises of destinations such as Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Progreso, situated close to the Yucatan Peninsula; Belize and Honduras in Central America; and Grand Cayman and Jamaica. The cruise allows you enjoy sunbathing on a white sand beach, ride exhilarating zip lines, visit Mayan ruins, explore the wilderness on a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, and make friends with dolphins. Cruising to Cozumel and other destinations in the Western Caribbean is a fun way to spend quality time with family and loved ones, as it offers a wealth of options

Cozumel is one of the popular stop that presents cruisers with the opportunity to dive and snorkel over the coral reefs, considered as the most amazing in the world. Located close to the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel Cozumel Cruise Excursionsis known as the largest island in Mexico. With its beautiful white sand beaches, dazzling jungle wildlife, ruined Mayan temples, pristine waters filled with loads of tropical fish, Cozumel was believed to be the home of Mayan gods. Cozumel attracts millions of tourist annually who wish to discover its true beauty and several entertaining activities it has to offer. The island is featured in the itineraries of a lot cruises that focus on the Western Caribbean. Cozumel also welcomes a lot of cruise passengers every year. Here you can choose to see native flora and fauna, shop for souvenirs, explore the Mayan ruins, and visit eco-parks that presents you with a lot of water play activities

Best Time to Go

If you are in search of a perfect getaway spot any time of the year with a friendly, warm and pleasant weather condition,Cozumel Travel Tips then the best place to opt for is the Western Caribbean. The best time to visit this amazing region is during December to March this is usually when most of local Festivals and like Christmas, Carnaval etc.  Another great time to visit is April through May, when the island attracts less visitors, even with pleasant climate. The region experiences more storms from June – November. During summer, the Caribbean is usually filled with loads of people, including honeymooners and families, regardless the prices are still affordable.  Don´t get me wrong there is still plenty of great cultural festivities during many other months during the year beside December to March.  There is always plenty of great Things to do in Cozumel and something for everyone.

Western Caribbean Cruise Tips

Majority of the ports in Western Caribbean are known for their exciting water sports activities including swimming, diving and snorkeling. Cruising in the Western Caribbean may have you feeling hot and a little sun burn can most likely bring an end to the fun you are expected to have on your cruise. Ensure you pack smart by bringing loads of sunhats as well as sunscreen. If you decide on spending much of your cruise underwater, then you should consider bringing bathing suit cover-ups, flippers and mask. It won’t be sunny at all times and in cases when you encounter a storm, it is recommended to bring rain gear and warm layers.

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