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Cozumel Travel Tips – Advice for all travelers in all Seasons

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Cozumel Travel Tips

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the greatest places on earth especially with its vast culture and breathtaking landscapes. U.S. News and World Reports ranks Cozumel among the top best 5 places to visit in Mexico with Playa del Carmen being ranked number #1 and Tulum coming in at #3. That being said, it’s no secret that the Riviera Maya and Cozumel are some of the most visited tourist destinations in Mexico. So that’s no secret but what, I am hoping to get at is a little more advice that will surely make you more aware of why and when you may want to visit our little Island Paradise. I have been living in Cozumel with my family now and working closely with tourism for over 7yrs now and so I am going to break down how the seasons work here in Cozumel and so here we go:

The 3 Seasons in Cozumel

Many Travelers are often used to experiencing on average about 4 seasons especially those visiting Cozumel as they are usually running away from one of the seasons they experience back home. Cozumeleños really only experience 3 seasons since the winter here can´t really be described as a true winter at least in my book. So this is how the seasons can be broken down in Cozumel; High Season, Low Season and Mid-season. I am going to start with High Season and go through the others as they actually come.

210113005d1928bmedHigh Season  High Season is when the tourism peaks at its busiest during the year. The high season officially starts in December and generally runs through mid-April. Since the high season is usually when everyone is trying to get away from the bitter cold of winter it is a great time to experience new tours and excursions for those that are looking for things to do in Cozumel since locals are always looking to bring in new experiences for tourists. There is also no shortage of great Cultural activities during the high season as there is always something going on each month of the season actually. From candlelight processions in December to Carnaval in February and March this is definitely a time packed full of events and cultural activities.

Low Season  High season begins to come to a close at the beginning to middle of April and after mid-April it has officially c55f1a9214f09a50e10f1d2894167ea63ome to a close. Most cruise lines begin changing their routes to Alaska and other parts of the world and don´t send as many to Cozumel or the Western Caribbean. There is no shortage of Cozumel activities and Cultural activities as this coincides with Holy Week, The feast of El Cedral and 5 de Mayo. etc… September is the month of the Independence of Mexico and so there is entertainment and traditional dishes readily available.

Mid-Season–  Udoubtedly the shortest season in Cozumel it usually lasts from the beginning of June through the middle to end of August. Surely the hottest season of the year it picks up again thanks to summer vacation and Holiday in Europe. Mid-season and low season are some of the best times to score great deals on All-Inclusive trips to Cozumel and even great for splitting time between Cozumel and other parts of the Riviera as some resort chains will let you do that and I think it’s a great way to mix things up and see other parts of the Riviera Maya November sort of falls in Mid-season as well since it is when many cruise lines begin to direct more cruise ships back to the warm Caribbean waters.

Cozumel´s on top of the best cruise destinations in the western Caribbean for cruisers as it won´t break the bank. The seasons mentioned will help you figure out the best time of year to visit this gem of an island if you want to avoid crowds then the high season is probably a time you want to avoid a visit to the island. If warm water is what you are looking for Mid-season would be your best season for a visit. Cozumel has a season for all travelers and the locals would love to have you visit them.

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