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Cozumel Tours – Xrail to Jade Cavern or Adventurous

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So far this low season is moving along just as it always does and things are decent around Cozumel.  We continue to offer some of the Best Cozumel Tours & Excursions and of course that we aim to do.  We have noticed that there has been a bit confusion between the Xrail to Jade Cavern Tour and also the Adventurous Cozumel by Xrail.  With so many great Cozumel Tours and Excursions it’s easy to get some tours mixed up.  So today we are going to talk about both the Xrail to Jade Cavern tour and the Adventurous Cozumel by Xrail buggy tour.  All this so that you can plan your Cozumel Vacation accordingly.


Xrail to Jade Cavern

Our Xrail to Jade Cavern tour has been around for close to 6yrs now and onceCozumel Tours we began the tour it quickly became a hit and is still one of our most popular tours.  This awesome Cozumel Tour is definitely among the best Cozumel Tours on the island.  That said the Xrail to Jade Cavern tour is not exactly for everyone.  This adrenaline filled tour is not for those looking for an easy going tour as it covers trails that are very rough, rocky, dusty and muddy which are great for those off-road enthusiasts.  This tour starts out from the cedral and makes it way to the beautiful and well hidden Jade Cavern which is the largest cenote in Cozumel where guests can cool off in the emerald waters before hopping back on the xrail buggies.  These xrails are all two seaters and fully automatic and the minimum age is 6yrs to ride as a passenger.  It is important to keep in mind that these buggies are for off-roading and therefore they don’t have any power steering so keep that in mind while planning your Vacation to Cozumel.


Adventurous Cozumel

The Adventurous Cozumel started about 4 years ago but due to opposition from the Local Taxi Syndicate the tour was unnable to continue to operate despite the great popularity that the tour had been receiving.  Luckily enough for all of our Things to do in Cozumelguests the tour was recently redesigned so as to avoid any conflicts with the local taxi Syndicate.  What’s the difference between the two tours and who is the Adventurous Cozumel for you might ask?  While there are a number of differences between these two great Cozumel Tours one of the biggest differences is that this tour goes to the east side of the island to the Mezcalitos beach area where you can get to do some  off-roading along the coast and not in the jungle.  This tour ends back at Playa Uvas beach club where guests will be able to enjoy lunch and snorkeling.  The intensity level of this tour is definitly toned down from the Xrail to Jade Cavern Tour.  The Adventurous xrail buggies are also 4 seaters and standard transmission only so that is important to keep in mind.  Now the minimum age to participate in this tour is the same however due to the difference in the terrain and the buggies this particular tour is definitely for everyone and is a great alternative if you are arriving with multiple children and want to have more people in a single buggy.  This is definitely a great Cozumel Family Activity so if you are looking for something that is a good alternative to the Xrail to Jade Cavern this definitely fits the bill.

Well there are plenty of great Things to do in Cozumel so don’t lose the chance to reserve your Cozumel Tour today so that you have your Cozumel Activities all set for your Cozumel Dream Vacation!

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