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Cozumel News – The Flow of Sargassum, Sea Weed!

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Cozumel News – The Flow of Sargassum Sea Weed!

If you took a cruise to Cozumel recently you may have noticed a lot of interesting things on the island’s shores among those things you may have noticed a lot more Sargassum(sea weed) than usual.

Cozumel News

Cozumel is a safe bet to avoid so much Sargassum!

It has been months now that there has been a huge increase in this common deposit along our shores. In fact, experts from the Dept. of Ecology believe that visitors and hired professionals are working hard to remove sargassum from the coastline. Sea weed comprises of many unpleasant traits. This includes bad smell and dirty coastal borders and can even cause a bit of a rash that can be very annoying.

Even if you haven’t been to Cozumel as of yet this year you still may have heard about the buildup of the sargassum throughout the Caribbean not just in Cozumel.  It has been affecting pretty much everywhere in the Caribbean and that includes; Cancun, Playa del Carmen and many other popular Caribbean Cruise Destinations.  So with that in mind and in the hopes of helping you stay up to date with Cozumel News and Cozumel vacation planning let’s talk about Sargassum!

An Advantageous Deposit

It is quite interesting to note that sargassum is not new in Cozumel. The amount that shows up on our shores seems to keep increasing every year. This can be attributed to the following pestilent phenomenon! As winter approaches, the northern wind blows algae towards the shores of Cozumel. Luckily, sargassum alias sea weed has some advantages too! Locals use sargassum as a natural fertilizer. This is because the sea weed comprises of very high nutrient content.

A Few Interesting Facts about the Sea Weed

If you are unaware of sargassum, here is a quick review through the sea weed’s traits. As suggested by its name,Cozumel Cruise Excursions the sea weed originated from the Sargasso Sea. It may smell and look bad; however, it comprises of many advantages. In some parts of the world, sargassum is known as gulfweed. It is a part of the free floating ecosystem, which provides shelter to different types of marine life. Adult fishes like sailfish, mahi mahi, marlin, tuna, barracuda and mackerel find shelter in these sea weeds. The weeds are capable of protecting and camouflaging the adult fishes. These fishes consider sargassum alias sea weed as a form of healthy diet too. Additionally, it is proved that sargassum can prevent sand erosion.

The Cleanup!

Cleanup would get rid of sargassum sea weed; nevertheless, the process has to be done frequently. According to experts, the cleanup should be scheduled at a common time during the cold winter season. If the foremost routine is skipped it can result in a smelly inconvenience.  Lucky for us and for all of you Cozumel Cruisers we are on it so on the west side of the island it isn’t affecting any of the Cozumel Tours or Cozumel Cruise excursions.

A Bit of Advice

If you are starting your Cozumel vacation planning and looking at things to do in Cozumel, just remember that yes

Cozumel Travel Tips

Keep in mind folks this is how Cancun was looking, NOT Cozumel!

we do have beautiful beaches but from time to time we have to deal with natural phenomenon just like this one.  Now despite that this has been happening recently that doesn’t mean that you need to let it take away from your amazing Cozumel Vacation.  Why it doesn’t take away from my Cozumel Vacation you might wonder?  Truth is that it is all predominantly washing up on the east side of the island and in Cozumel particular we are having a lot less sargassum deposit compared to Playa del Carmen and Cancun.  Beaches on the west side of the island are really not being affected by this issue but you may still see it some here on this side of the island.

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