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Cozumel Events – Cozumel Festival de El Cedral 2015

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Cozumel Festival El Cedral 2015

Well if you have ever been fortunate enough to have a Cozumel Vacation count your blessings and if you’ve had the opportunity to have your Cozumel vacation coincide with one of the many Cozumel Cultural events then you are very fortunate!  What kind of great things to do in Cozumel are there right now well besides all of the endless Cozumel Things to do in CozumelTours and excursions there are plenty of Cozumel Cultural events to go around as well.  What Cozumel events are coming up well everyone probably already is aware of Cinco de Mayo that is coming up in May but not everyone is aware of the fun Cozumel Feria del Cedral.

The Festival de El Cedral is just around the corner and of course everyone here is excited for the annual event to take place at El Cedral,( hence the name).  What is this Festival you might ask?  Well here ya go.  Rumored to have been started by one Casimiro Cárdenas about 160 years ago.  El Señor Cárdenas was one that fled from a village called Saban after having survived an attack by local Mayans who had descended on the village with the intent of wiping out all whites and mestizos living there at that time.  Having been one of the very few survivors of this attack which took place during the Caste War Casimiro survived all while tightly clutching a wooden cross.  After having survived he vowed that he would create an annual religious festival wherever he finally settled with the intent of honoring the power if the crucifix which he held tightly during the attack.

The festival begins April 23 and goes to May 3rd (just in time to get ready for 5 de Mayo;)).  It begins with an early morning prayer vigil and holds daily vigils throughout the duration of the festival.  Cozumel ActivitiesCultural dances are performed and the Cedral is alive with Music, traditional feasts as well as Horse Races, Bull fights as well as many other live perfomances by many different artists.  The events that are taking place at the Main palapa are generally free whereas admission to the other events such as the Bull Fights and some performing artists are only available buying tickets.

With plenty of Cozumel Activities you may have a busy schedule however if you happen to be on the island during Feria del Cedral it is definitely a must see event especially if you really want to get a taste of good Mexican Culture for yourself or with the whole family.  So be sure and make some space in your vacation planner to take the time to go to El Cedral and enjoy the festivities.  If you don’t know how to get to the Cedral and would like to go check out the festivities let me know and I will be happy to tell you how to get there.  It’s not complicated really.  Anyways with that let us know here at Wild Tours if you need anything for your Cozumel Vacation and have a great time!



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