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Christmas in Cozumel – Cozumel Travel Tips

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Wild Tours has been successfully providing some of the Best Cozumel Adventure Tours for over a decade which is why we understand that we are not the only tour operator or Cozumel Attraction on the island. Due to this we love providing you with other great Cozumel Travel Tips so as to assure that you and everyone visiting Cozumel has the best possible experience.


Cozumel is located in the Caribbean and is considered one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico. The island attracts millions of tourists annually because of its world class scuba diving, great snorkeling opportunities, warm people and rich culture. The current that flows along the waters ensures the coral reefs are Cozumel Travel Tipsclean and healthy, making it perfect for diving and snorkeling. Cozumel is filled with loads of magnificent beaches, lovely parks, and several other great things to do in Cozumel.  In Cozumel, there is plenty sunshine and numerous outdoor activities that take place close to the water. It is one of the largest and safest islands in Mexico and the world at large. A trip to Cozumel during Christmas period will most definitely be rewarding and remarkable as it gives way to endless opportunities especially for tourists. There are a lot of spectacular things to do in Cozumel especially in around Christmas time. Below is a highlight of fun places to visit while spending Christmas in Cozumel

Chankanaab National Marine Park

Considered the only inland coral reef in the world, Chankanaab National Marine Park is home to a natural aquarium and several ecosystems.  Quite often confused with just Chankanaab Beach Park we are specifically referring to the Marine park area so to be distinguished in that it is a National Marine Park area of protected reef along a specific area in Cozumel. This marine park is a perfect relaxation spot that offers remarkable snorkeling and diving tours, nature trails and once in a lifetime opportunities at many of the great Beach Clubs in the area such as Playa Uvas Beach Club, Chankanaab Park, Mr. Sanchos and many others. Chankanaab Marine Park also has many great restaurants at these great Cozumel Beach Clubs where you can taste delectable meals and snack bars as well. It is a perfect vacation spot that offers fun filled activities for all ages.

San Gervasio Mayan SiteCozumel Travel Tips

Learn more about the Mayan history in Cozumel when you visit the San Gervasio Mayan Site. The ruins on this site are thousands of years old. It was once a religious site and a place where Mayans worshipped the Mayan goddess, Ixchel. In San Gervasio there are a wide variety of stone structures, each having its own unique historic and religious importance. Spanning over 3 square kilometers, the San Gervasio Mayan Site is a place worth visiting.

El Cielo Cozumel

El Cielo Cozumel is one of best kept secrets and an amazing place to Snorkel in Cozumel. It is about a mile from the shores of Cozumel and can Cozumel Travel Tipsonly be accessed by boat. With the shallow pristine waters, El Cielo is considered one of the best places to have fun and relax. Once you set foot into the pristine waters, the soft powdered white sand gives your feet that soothing massage. In El Cielo, you’ll find a lot of stingrays and starfish which is one the many things for which it is known.  El Cielo means the sky or heaven and the name fits perfectly as the distinct water color and starfish make this a site to behold.  El Cielo is a must see so if you have time make sure you visit and if you don´t have time make time!  There are plenty of snorkel tours and boats that will be glad to take you to the site.  One thing that you will be asked is to not handle the starfish.  So make sure you visit el Cielo.

Palancar Beach

The Palancar Beach is one of Cozumel’s best beach spot that offers a whole lot of enjoyable water sporting activities including sailing, snorkeling, diving and kayaking. There are several companies available that can take you on a fun-filled cruise. The Palancar Reef is also a great spot for diving. After so much fun on the beach, you can visit any of the exquisite restaurants close-by to enjoy nice lunch and exotic drinks.

La Casa Mission restaurant

The La Casa Mission restaurant is a beautiful and traditional Mexican ranch houseCozumel Travel Tips that offers fresh, delectable seafood and meats. Here, you will find locals and tourists alike having a taste of their colorfully prepared dishes. To experience tasty traditional Mexican dishes during this Christmas period, visit the La Casa Mission restaurant.

Christmas celebrations in Cozumel is usually amazing and fun-filled. A trip to any of these lovely attractions will never be short of fun. To experience unending fun and excitement during Christmas, Cozumel is definitely the place to be and we hope that you enjoyed some of our Cozumel Travel Tips! Visit soon and Happy Holidays!


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