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5 de Mayo in Cozumel – Cozumel Travel Guide

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Hey guess what it’s cinco de Mayo again!  While looking for things to do in Cozumel 5 de Mayo is always a fun Cozumel Event to consider.  Cinco de Mayo has also become very popular in the USA and seems to have even began to become somewhat mainstream holiday in the US.  Cinco de Mayo is a fun great holiday and it is here in Cozumel as well so due to all of that we will look at the history of Cinco de Mayo as there seems to be a lot of confusion at times for us gringos about what Cinco de Mayo is all about.  Here is your Cozumel Travel Guide info.

5 de Mayo is Mexican Independence day right?

Hmmm this is a common belief that I seem to run into quite a bit whenever I am talking to fellow gringos in the US about cinco de Mayo.  However common it may be it is very wrong and is something that sometimes bugs locals so let me give you a little background on what cinco de Mayo is really all about so that you can have a better Cozumel vacation.  Cinco de Mayo is actually the holiday that Mexico celebrates in remembrance of the Cozumel Cultural EventsBattle of Puebla of 1862.  On May 5th 1862 was the day that the French Army was defeated in the city of Puebla.

The conflict began with the Fench occupation of Mexico in 1861 which took place following the Mexican American War.  The Mexican President, Benito Juárez had declared had issued a moratorium suspending payment of all foreign debts for 2 years.  Due too this France, Spain and Britain all sent naval forces to Veracruz to force payment.  Spain and Britain reached an agreement and withdrew; however France which was ruled by Napoleon III at the time saw it as an opportunity to occupy Mexico for France and began an invasion.

France pressed into Mexico pushing back the much smaller Mexican army with the 6,000 French strong and met great resistance around Puebla by a much smaller and not very well armed 2,000 man Mexican army.  At Puebla the 2,000 man army fought hard and beat the French army which was considered the best trained army in the world at that time thus giving the Mexican army a great victory.

When in Cozumel on 5 de Mayo

Well that was your small history lesson for the day hopefully it will help you keep face Cozumel Vacation planningwhen on Vacation in Cozumel.  Locals don’t like having to correct us gringos so keep that in mind just like we don’t like correcting foreigners on our holidays.  With that 5 de Mayo is definitely worth enjoying especially if you really love the authentic Mexican food and 5 de Mayo in Cozumel is no different.  There is plenty to do in Cozumel on 5 de Mayo and look to enjoy more traditional dishes at many of the local restaurants as well.  Some of the more traditional restuarants could include Pancho’s Backyard, La Choza, Casa la Mision are great to start.

Well that’s it for this Cozumel travel tip so that you make sure you don’t offend your host you are gauranteed to have a better Cozumel Vacation.  So Saludos!




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