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Cozumel Travel Tips for Cruise Ship Passengers

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Cozumel Travel tips for Cruise Passengers to Cozumel Mexico

As places to visit go, Cozumel is often thought of like a mini Cancún, offering similar opportunities for fun as Vegas only on a smaller and more personal scale. Seeing this stop-over in this light is a mistake; if you move on past the sea front and the white-washed walls of the coastal buildings with its tourist trap opportunities, you will discover a gem of an island. Other than a single supermarket, you will find little of the 20th, let alone the 21st century here. Once outside San Miguel it is predominantly electricity free, and offers white, sandy beaches along much of the westward facing shoreline. It is also home to several Mayan fertility worship sites, the largest at Sanhttp://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-cozumel-image18044868 Gervasio which is a pleasure to visit as it doesn’t draw the same tourist crowds as those on the mainland.

As a cruise destination it offers the sightseer many opportunities for activities, or a more sedate life enjoying the beaches and hostelries. Disembarking at San Miguel, everything you will need or want, from diving to renting a Harley, ATV Off-road tours and many others are available only a few minutes’ walk or taxi ride away. Imagine cruising around the 24 mile long island on a Harley, with little traffic to get in the way; it’s an ideal place to fulfil that dream you’ve harboured for years!

Here are a few Cozumel travel tips:

Depending upon how long you intend to stay before re-boarding your cruise ship, there are a number of relatively simple but clean hotels and B&Bs for you to choose from. From the Playa Azul at the top end down to more basic Scuba Club Cozumel; if you are a diver this is an excellent spot because you have access to their own dock from which to dive.

As San Miguel is a half hour drive from some of its finest beaches, it is a good idea to rent a car – especially if you don’t fancy hiring a Harley motorbike and taking all those taxis can add up.


Because of its island status, fish menus predominate, from lobsters in jungle settings to locally caught fish for dinner. If you want something more substantial, you can find cheap but tasty Italian food in a rooftop restaurant or all the chips and guacamole you can eat, washed down with pitches of margaritas. There are also cheaper places to eat offering lighter bites from corn tortillas, churros, or roast beef tacos.

Cozumel Activities:

The best snorkelling and diving is on the eastern side of the island, while beautiful, white and sandy beaches predominate on the west coast.

Visiting the Mayan fertility worships sites is well worth the effort, especially as they are less crowded than their mainland equivalent.

For shopping there are a number of tourist traps in San Miguel, but make a point to look for Los Cinco Soles, an old warehouse converted into a large collection of stalls that offer everything from hand painted pottery to blown glass novelties.   You can find these things cheaper on the roadside but to find all this in one convenient, colorful place it is definitely worth a look.

Cozumel is an interesting island just off the beaten track, and well-worth digging up its gems of food, entertainment, and sightseeing. You won’t regret it!

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