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Adventurous Cozumel
by Xrail Buggy

Be Adventurous
Go Wild Get Dirty

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Snorkel with
Sea Turtles

Take a rare opportunity on an
amazing snorkel experience

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ATV Off-Roading

Go Off-roading in Cozumel
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All Terrain Xrail
To Jade Cavern

Be Adventurous
Go Wild Get Dirty

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Cozumel’s Best ATV Off-Road Tours

If you’re visiting the beautiful Riviera Maya and looking for things to do in Cozumel, then look no further!  Wild Tours invites you to join us on an exciting ATV Tour Explore More >

Cozumel’s Best All Terrain Off-Road Tours

If you’re visiting the beautiful Riviera Maya and looking for things to do in Cozumel, then look no further!  Wild Tours invites you to join us on an exciting All Terrain Xrail Tour  Explore More >

Amazing Sea Turtle Snorkel Experience

If you’re visiting the beautiful Riviera Maya and looking for things to do in Cozumel, then look no further!  Wild Tours invites you to join us on an exciting Sea Turtle Snorkel Experience  Explore More >

Our Happy Clients

  • teamcanter
    teamcanterBest Excursion of Our Cruise!!!

    What a rush! My wife and I are in our late-20s and often ride ATVs through the mountains where we live in Colorado and, even for us, this was no kiddie ride through the jungle! You spend 45 minutes whipping your vehicle around corners, launching yourselves over hills, speeding recklessly over massive rocks and through humongous puddles of mud... I don't think we stopped laughing the entire time! You then take a quick dip in the gorgeous clear waters of the cavern before getting back on your vehicle. We put that poor thing through heck and had an absolutely awesome time doing it! We were weary to book the trip because of a few negative reviews, so I want to address a few of those... 1) Our group (even as hard as we drove) didn't have any vehicles break down but we did see a couple along the side of the road. After you experience the ride, you can understand why a few might break, but the staff does an excellent job of either fixing them on site or getting another vehicle out to you. It's just natural after all that these things go through, that some would eventually give out. 2) The vehicles definitely do not have any power steering so be ready for an arm and shoulder workout, but it wasn't anything that my wife couldn't handle. 3) The staff was more than happy with us taking our own pictures in the vehicles, on the road and in the cavern. They even offered to take some for us. They did ask us to not take any of our own pictures of the animals on site, but I think that is understandable since the animals were not included in the price of the excursion. The staff tried to sell us the pictures they took of the animals, but were very kind and not-at-all pushy when we politely declined. 4) Helmets, gloves and goggles were provided free of charge. They did charge $2 for the lockers (which was standard on all excursions that we took) and $2 for bandanas (if you wanted to use them). My wife and I did not use bandanas. We definitely got mud and dirt all over our face but we did not feel like we were choking or having any time breathing. 5) Yes, you need to wear close-toed shoes and clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. I would recommend wearing water shoes, a swim suit and an old t-shirt that you can dispose of at the end of the trip. The mud and dirt do wash out, but we just took the easy approach. We have nothing but wonderful memories of this experience and would HIGHLY recommend booking it!

  • Mesawa87
    Mesawa87Insane off-roading experience!!!

    We went today for the Xrail buggy off-road tour and the jade caverns. The meeting point was in front of margaritaville which is like 5 minutes from the port. We met Sam he was right on time or even before. We were loaded into taxis where we were taken to the main venue which is like a 20 minute drive. They will give you gloves for the driver and goggles for both and free water during the adventure.Also, bandanas and lockers are available for $2 each. Our guy was Martin or marteeeen as he likes to be called Lol. He was fun and very helpful. We had the safety briefing and went to the vehicles. Their condition was ok, and they handled pretty good. The terrain was very rough we drove for about 30 min before we reached the caverns. Almost it was the most fun I had in my whole life. Especially if you like off-roading. In the caverns they will tell you it's fresh and clear water and they will try to convince you to swim or even jump. Personally, I think that no one in his right mind would go any where near that water. The smell of sulfur was so strong and the water looked like a swamp. There were some fruit bats and harmless tilapias and small turtles. The we got back in the cars again and drove all the way back again. Again, it was so much fun. I don't think it's for elderly people, I saw a bunch of them today and they looked extremely tired afterwards. My only complain is that when you have many vehicles in the group you're subjected to delay. So, I think it would be better if the limited the group size. Also, I think the cavern part is a waste of time. Otherwise, these guys were amazing and helpful and if I ever came back to Cozumel I would do it again. Abdullah Mesawa

  • Bdilly
    BdillySnorkeling with the Sea Turtles ( and more) in Akumal Bay

    Got home yesterday from a Royal Carribean cruise with my family. While docked in Cozumel we went snorkeling with Wild Tours in Akumal. What an awesome time we had! Looked a bit iffy walking in through a seemingly abandoned hotel property with construction going on all around. But when we got past that to the beach, it was great. The beach and water were incredible. The guides were very helpful and professional (particularly Nicholas and Fernando). We got to snorkel for 30-45 minutes. It was nice and warm but very windy and the water was very choppy. My 12 year old son is a good swimmer but was having trouble with the waves and snorkel equipment. Fernando wound up towing him around for most of the snorkeling time on his float. The water wasn't quite as crystal clear as I had hoped, quite possibly a lot to do with the wind / chop and sediment flying around. But in our time, we probably saw 12-15 sea turtles within 10 feet, a half dozen or so rays and a bunch of fish. Plenty of action to go around. No long waits for something to see. Can't say enough about how helpful the guides were and how great the snorkeling was. The lunch venue next door was terrific as well. Bathroom could use an upgrade but that was the only knock on the facility. We'll seriously consider going back directly to Akumal and on other tours with Wild Tours for our next vacation.

  • milehigh5280Denver
    milehigh5280DenverWet and Wild

    Turns on a dime, nose dives, and bouncing through wakes; all of which will leave you exhilarated and wet. Water literally pours over the boat (and you). Not for the faint of heart, but if you're a thrill seeker, it's a fun and wild ride. The staff were all very friendly, funny, and made sure you had a great time. You get on the boat right off of the cruise ship pier, so this is a quick and easy trip. We were able to schedule this first, and still have time for lunch and then catch another great excursion with the 12 metre yacht race (see my review). Highly recommended!

  • 5263Bond
    5263BondThrilling Jet Boat Ride!

    The jet boat ride was wild! We were warned we would be wet...and wet we were! We were given excellent safety instructions before the ride and all the staff we encountered were friendly and fun! The ride was far more than we expected. We will definitely do it again when we are in Cozumel and recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun in the ocean. Just say "youy-youy"

  • weareadventure
    weareadventureNot Enough Mud for the FUN ATV Ride

    This was a combo excursion from our cruise ship including snorkeling at Uvas beach. We wore old clothes and shoes to ready ourselves for the mud. If you forget anything like bandanas or bug spray, they'll sell it to you. They'll even rent you a pair of closed toed crocs so you won't ruin your shoes. While we did enjoy driving the ATV's fast as we could, there was not enough mud. Only our shoes and socks were soiled. The cenote and cave were a little lame but we came for the ride. Snorkeling equipment provided at Uvas. It's okay once you get past the rocks from the beach.. . Transportation was included to El Cedral and Uvas beach and back.

  • Douglasman1963
    Douglasman1963Awesome, Great Fun and Great Company!!!

    We had a blast. People working there were great fun and super polite. I would recommend this to anyone !!!

Uvas Beach Km 8.5
Cozumel 77600, Q. Roo Mexico

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